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I brew beer as a hobby. Sometimes (but definitely not always) I get drinkable beer as a bonus to share with my friends. Anyway, the brewing is the hobby. And I’m a data nerd so of course I have the fermentation visualised.

A graph of the progress of the fermentation of my Bug SMASH 1 pale ale. There a blue line showing the specific gravity that slopes down as half a sine wave as the beer ferments from its original gravity to its final gravity. A red line plots the temperature, starting at a stable 20°C during the fermentation, then a quick rise to 22°C for a diacetyl rest, before declining by 2°C per day as I step cold crash it. Currently temperature is 6.7°C, SG is 1.0094, OG was 1.041, ABV is 5.2%. The logo of my “brewery”, Comet Juice Brewing is in the top right - it’s a silhouette of a comet dripping a liquid into a beer glass.

Yorrike @yorrike