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A Free G-Suite Email Refugee Finds a New Home

Using an ancient free G-Suite account, I always knew the day would come when some Google engineer would look at a server or database and think “I don’t like this, it’s messy and old”, and the free loaders like me would have to either pay Google (no thank you), or move elsewhere.

I’ve moved elsewhere.

Though I would have liked to have transferred to Apple’s iCloud+ email with custom domains, it seems like it’s a little half baked. An option for the future that’ll save me a little money if and when they fix the odd little issues (I’m paying for it anyway).

After being given the same advice from pretty much everyone, I’ve transferred my email over to Fastmail. Transfer process was pretty easy, they have an import feature that’ll go to your old account and just suck all the email in from there. I think it took a couple of hours, but everything made it across from what I can see.

Setting up my custom domains was straight forward. I’ve removed all references to google from my domains and it all seems to be working as expected.

I’ll give it a good shake with the 30 days free trial, but it’s looking good so far.

I can’t rid myself of Google just yet, though. I have an 18 year old GMail account that’s got a lot (a lot!) of accounts attached to it, and I frankly think it’ll take years to untangle from that. If that’s even viable.

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