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The Quarantine Quiz for the 4th of September 2021

Did you quiz them Doug? Good. Now we wait. Every day of the nation-wide Aotearoa quarantine, I’m posting a quiz as something for people to look forward to. Here’s today’s (Aotearoa Rāhui Season 3, Episode 18). All previous quizzes can be found here.

  1. Which country has the longest coastline?
  2. In which year did former PM Robert Muldoon die? 1990, 1992 or 1994?
  3. In boxing, which weight division is heavier, welterweight or lightweight?
  4. Which colours are on the flag of Luxembourg?
  5. How many proton are in an atom of Lithium?
  6. The Juneteenth national holiday in the USA celebrates what?
  7. Which US state has the most southern point?
  8. Strombolian is a type of what natural event?
  9. “You can’t handle the truth!” is a famous Jack Nicholson line from which 1992 movie?
  10. The USSR’s Venera probes landed onwhich planet?

Answers for 04 September 2021

  1. Canada
  2. 1992
  3. Welterweight
  4. Red, white and blue
  5. Three
  6. The emancipation of African-American slaves
  7. Hawai’i
  8. Volcanic eruption
  9. A Few Good Men
  10. Venus
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