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The Quarantine Quiz for the 21st of May 2020

Every day of the nation-wide Aotearoa quarantine, I’m posting a quiz as something for people to look forward to. Here’s today’s (Spaced Out Aotearoa Day 8). There’s a meta puzzle too, see if you can piece it together from the 3rd to the 22nd of April. All previous quizzes can be found here.

  1. Who was the first emperor Roman Emperor?
  2. According to the Holocene or Human era calendar, what year is it? 520, 3020 or 12020?
  3. Which region do the Magic represent in the ANZ Premiership national netball competition?
  4. Which 2004 non-fiction book by Jon Ronson was later loosely adapted into a 2009 film starring George Clooney?
  5. Bundaberg, Queensland has two major drinks producers, both called Bundaberg. One produces ginger beer, what does the other produce?
  6. In the Earth’s atmosphere which is higher, the Stratosphere, the Troposphere or the Thermosphere?
  7. In which year did New Zealand surpass a population of 2 million? 1953, 1963 or 1973?
  8. The Mediterranean island of Corsica, off the coast of Italy, is part of which country?
  9. In the night sky, what are the Magellanic Clouds?
  10. A 1985 cover of which Marvin Gaye song was performed as a duet between David Bowie and Mick Jagger?

Answers for 21 May 2020

  1. Augustus (Julius Caesar was never emperor)
  2. 12020 (it’s the current year plus 10,000)
  3. Waikato / Bay of Plenty
  4. The Men Who Stare at Goats
  5. Rum
  6. The Thermosphere
  7. 1953
  8. France
  9. Dwarf galaxies, orbiting the Milky Way
  10. Dancing in the Street
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