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The Quarantine Quiz for the 19th of May 2020

Every day of the nation-wide Aotearoa quarantine, I’m posting a quiz as something for people to look forward to. Here’s today’s (Spaced Out Aotearoa Day 6). There’s a meta puzzle too, see if you can piece it together from the 3rd to the 22nd of April. All previous quizzes can be found here.

  1. Name the colours of the rainbow that don’t prominently feature on any of the national flags of Europe?
  2. When was the company TED, which publishes lectures and talks by prominent people, founded? 1984, 1994 or 2004?
  3. Hilary Mantel wrote which 2009 Booker Prize winning novel?
  4. James Holden is a character in which series of novels by James S. A. Corey an ongoing TV series by the same name?
  5. Moment magnitude is a scale to measure which natural phenomena?
  6. Which government Ministry has the Te Reo name Te Manatū Waka?
  7. What doe the acronym in the name of the Crown research institute GNS Science stand for?
  8. Wellington Free Ambulance is funded by the Ministry of Health, ACC and what?
  9. What is the English name for Rakiura?
  10. Before her solo career, Gwen Stefani fronted which rock/ska band?

Answers for 19 May 2020

  1. Violet (or purple). And pink, although there is a tiny pink lion on the shield of the flag of Spain.
  2. 1984
  3. Wolf Hall
  4. The Expanse
  5. Earthquakes
  6. The Ministry of Transport
  7. Geological and Nuclear Sciences (yes, Geological and Nuclear Sciences Science)
  8. Donations - go donate!
  9. Stewart Island
  10. No Doubt
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