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The Quarantine Quiz for the 13th of May 2020

Every day of the nation-wide Aotearoa quarantine, I’m posting a quiz as something for people to look forward to. Here’s today’s (Aotearoa Rāhui Day 49). There’s a meta puzzle too, see if you can piece it together from the 3rd to the 22nd of April. All previous quizzes can be found here.

  1. Which is bigger, New Zealand or New Zealand’s Ross Dependency in Antartica?
  2. What temperature is the triple point of water, where it can exist as liquid, solid or gas (at Earth’s surface pressure)?
  3. What is the currency of Turkey?
  4. X-Files actress Gillian Anderson was born in which country?
  5. According to a Eurythmics song, with whom should you not mess?
  6. Which 1980s cartoon featured the villain Skeletor?
  7. The flags of India, Ireland and Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) all prominently feature which three colours?
  8. Speaking of colour, what colour is the top section of the Beehive, at parliament?
  9. Tuatara are the last surviving members of the reptile order Rhynchocephali. When did Rhynchocephali originally appeared; 50 million, 150 million or 250 million years ago?
  10. In The Matrix, what was the character Neo’s last name before he became Neo?

Answers for 13 May 2020

  1. The Ross Dependency (~450,000 km², NZ is ~268,021 km²)
  2. 0º C, or 0.01 ºC
  3. The Lira
  4. The UK
  5. The Missionary Man
  6. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  7. Orange White and Green
  8. Brown
  9. 250 million years ago at the start of the Triassic
  10. Anderson. Thomas A. Anderson
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