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The Quarantine Quiz for the 14th of April 2020

Every day of the nation-wide Aotearoa quarantine, I’m posting a quiz as something for people to look forward to. Here’s today’s (Aotearoa Rāhui Day 20). There’s a meta puzzle too, see if you can piece it together from the 3rd to the 22nd of April. All previous quizzes can be found here.

  1. What is the name of Google’s parent company?
  2. Who proceeded Robert Muldoon as New Zealand Prime Minister?
  3. Grendall and his mother are characters in which epic peom?
  4. The Commander Keen, Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein game franchises were creations of which game studio?
  5. What was the magnitude of the 2016 Kairkoura earthquake?
  6. What is the least densely populated country in the world?
  7. What is the name of the creator of Family Guy The Orville and American Dad?
  8. Which came first, Nicholas Cage or lasers?
  9. Who lead the team who were first to reach the south pole?
  10. Without going underground, where is the lowest road in the world?

Answers for 14 April 2020

  1. Alphabet
  2. David Lange
  3. Beowulf
  4. id Software
  5. 7.8 (bonus for exact, 1 point for anything between 7 and 8)
  6. Mongolia
  7. Seth MacFarlen
  8. Lasers in 1960 (Nicholas Cage in 1964)
  9. Roald Amundsen
  10. The Dead Sea (in Israel and Jordan) - down to 418 m below sea level
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