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Pre-Lockdown Brew Day

I’ve got a brew day organised with some friends tomorrow. Aotearoa isn’t in a lockdown yet, but by the time these beers are fermented, it may well be. I intend to brew two beers (the names are the links to the recipes):

The Isolation Pale Ale (6.5-7.0%) – a hazy IPA/NEIPA that should be ready if Aotearoa goes into compulsory lockdown. 4 to 5 weeks grain to glass.

Whiney the Elder (~12%) – a barley wine that’ll be fully aged by the time this virus has been defeated internationally. 18 to 24 months grain to glass. This style of beer needs a long time to condition in the bottle, and the flavour will change over the years. Looking forward to this one in 2022.

Both of these beers are really high in their ABV (alcohol by volume). I’m not a heavy drinker, so I tend to brew beers in the 3.5-5.0% range so I can have a couple of glasses and feel fine. Both of these beers will be a commitment to crack open

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