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TV Subscriptions

Not including sport subscription services, or services that sell movies to stream, these are all the streaming services available as of December 2019, in New Zealand, and their prices in New Zealand Dollars.

  • Netflix $16.99
  • Neon $13.95 (HBO and other things)
  • Disney $9.99
  • Apple TV+ $8.99
  • Amazon $4.50
  • Lightbox $12.99 (Some Hulu shows)

Total: $67.41 ($808.92 per annum)

Considering I used to pay SkyTV a little more than the sum total 3-4 years ago, it’s not too bad. Also considering I only subscribe to two of those services (Netflix and Amazon), $21.49 a month for all my TV is a bargain. There’s also TVNZ and Three on demand, which are Aotearoa’s free-to-air streaming apps.

Sure there’s shows on the other services I’d like to watch, but I can always dip in for a month and watch them (like Disney for The Mandalorian, and Neon for Watchmen and Westworld). And I sign up for a month or two during the summer to watch the Cricket, because I’m a cricket fan, not a cricket tragic.

There’s also an issue of time. I simply don’t have dozens of spare hours a week to consume all the TV I want to. And if I were watching several hours of TV every day, I’d have some serious soul searching to do.

Yorrike @yorrike