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Digital Detective Work 🔍

Fixing an issue on my raspberry pi today took me down a long investigative path.

  1. New static IP lease was being ignored
  2. Noticed system time was off by 13 hours and 43 minutes
  3. Tested whether time was being automatically set (yes, said the daemon)
  4. Tested whether I could ping an internet IP address (yes)
  5. Tested whether I could ping google.com (no! Ah ha!)
  6. Looked to see if it could resolve any domain names (Nope! I know what this is!)
  7. Edited /etc/resolv.conf to put my DNS server address in there
  8. Time resets itself to the correct time
  9. The IP address changes after I restart the pi’s wifi
  10. Success!

Just goes to show how important time and domain name resolution are to a functioning, networked computer! It also shows… I have some deep-seated ability to be one with the machine. I have no idea how I went through this sequence and just knew where I needed to go and what I needed to do.

Yorrike @yorrike