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An iOS shortcut to post to micro.blog

I’ve been using an iOS shortcut to post to micro.blog for about a week now. And after a little modification I’m ready to share it and give everyone instructions on how to use it.

Here’s a link to the iOS shortcut to post to micro.blog.

All you need to do is paste an app token over the existing text in the top text box. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to your account page.

2. At the very bottom of your account page, you’ll see a list of app tokens. Click on the “Edit Apps” button. An example of a list of valid app tokens

3. Below your valid app tokens, there’s a box to enter the name of a new token. Put something like “iOS Shortcut” in there, and click the “Generate Token” button. Adding a new app token by entering a name for the new token

4. Now back to your account page. The new app token will be at the bottom of the page. Copy it, on an iOS device. Copy your new app token on iOS

5. And paste it into the top box on the shortcut, in the Shortcut app. Select the text in the top box and paste in the copied app token.

6. Once the app token is pasted in, press done and the shortcut is ready to use. Once the app token is pasted, the shortcut is ready to use.

I’ve found having the shortcut accessible from the widgets screen on iOS makes it really useful. Just swipe right from the home screen, press the button and start typing. You could also use it as an icon on the home screen.

The shortcut as a widget in the iOS widget screen

Overall this shortcut is pretty simple, compared to some I’ve seen which generate static websites, and are 300 steps long. The bulk of the work is done behind the scenes, and it’s thanks to the design of micro.blog and the APIs Manton offers that makes this so simple.

I also have a Siri-enabled version where one can tell Siri to post something, and I may share that in the near future if people ask for it.

I hope this proves useful for people out there, and just as an obvious disclaimer, I can’t guarantee it’ll work or that it won’t break at some point in the future.

Yorrike @yorrike