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How I made my own TV channel

The great promise of internet TV, as far as I saw it, was the chance for people to fine tune what they watch, when they want to watch it. Basically, the ability to roll your own TV channel. And though we’re not quite there, at least through legal means, we’re pretty close.

I have limited time for idle entertainment, so planning things out in advance as I’m about to explain means I don’t have to think about it. This is pretty Netflix-heavy, because that’s where I get most of my streaming content. And I normally watch these shows in bed on my iPad as I’m winding down to sleep. This is how I watch TV.

7 Nights, 7 Possible Genres

I can split the week into seven genres or themes. So far I’ve filled four nights, which may be enough. In no particular order:

Cartoon Sunday

Sunday night is cartoon night. Over the last 10 weeks, starting July 1st, I’ve watched all 8 episodes of Archer Season 8, and the first two episodes of Disenchantment.

Following Disenchantment on the animation playlist will be (episode count per season in parentheses): Final Space (10), Paradise PD (10), and Cupcake & Dino General Services (13).

Those 42 episodes will take Cartoon Sunday through until the end of June 2019, resulting in a full year of cartoons.

My year of Sunday Night Cartoons. Cover art for "Archer", "Disenchantment", "Final Space", "Paradise PD" and "Cupcake and Dino General Services" My year of Sunday Night Cartoons.

I’ll add shows as seasons are released. South Park, The Venture Bros., Rick and Morty and anything else that pops up. Assuming most of these shows will be renewed and released annually, more or less, there’ll be the need for stacking cartoons on a Sunday. But any which way it goes, I’ll be watching at least a single episode of a cartoon series I like every Sunday.

Cartoons to come! Cover art for "F is for Family", "Rick and Morty", "The Venture Bros." and "South Park" The cartoons I’ll be stacking when new seasons come out.

Science Fiction Friday

I do the same with sci-fi. I fill a year of Sci-Fi Fridays with: Star Trek Discovery (10), The Expanse (13?), Westworld (10), Dr Who (10-12), Travelers (10).

That’s a full year of Sci-Fi Friday, not including the final season of Game of Thrones. Over the last year I was pretty insatiable in my science fiction needs, so I need one of the shows to start, so I can begin “buffering” for Sci-Fi Friday 2019.

Science Fiction! Cover art for "Star Trek: Discovery", "The Expanse", "Westworld", "Dr. Who" and "Travelers" My sci-fi year. Sorted. Eventually.

Cinema Saturday

There’s at least 20 movies I’ve never gotten around to watching, and more coming out every year. Sneaking in a cheeky 90-120 minutes to watch a movie in full can be difficult. I like movies, I just don’t have the time. Black Panther, The Hateful 8, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Most of the Avengers movies. Though not a steadfast every-Saturday thing, I’m trying to fit movies in when I can, even if I have to split them over a couple of nights or weeks.

Some people call me the space cowboy! Movie posters for "Black Panther", "Thor: Ragnarok", "The Hateful Eight" and "Valerian" Super hero cowboys in spaaaaaace.

Catchup Tuesday

There’s a plethora of shows I’ve intended to watch, but never gotten around to. Many spanning multiple seasons. Breaking Bad, Vikings, Narcos and El Chapo, Godless, Mr Robot, the list goes on. Catchup Tuesday could last me for years and years. And years.

This'll take a long time. Such a very long time. Cover art for "Godless", "A very Secret Service", "Black Mirror", "Breaking Bad" and "Mr. Robot" This could take a while.

Three More Evenings

The remaining evenings of the week I’ll use to watch movies I’ve split up, watch shows I’ve missed on their designated nights, or, you know, get an early night like a responsible adult.

I’d be interested to know how other people manage watching the massive amounts of exceptionally high quality TV that exists today. Let me know at either on micro.blog or Twitter.

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