Bottled my APA yesterday. Due to utter incompetence, I only ended up with ~11-12 litres. Mistakes were made, and next time I’ll push to get the expected 17ish litres.

These were the horrific mistakes I made:

  • Turned my back on the pump recirculating the wort, so I didn’t notice the pump spraying hot wort onto the ground for a few seconds (-1 l?),
  • Mistakenly filled the kettle with 21 litres, rather than 23 (-2 l),
  • Only sparged with 5 litres instead of 7.5 (-2.5 l),
  • Accidentally popped the tap off the fermenter (-1 l?),
  • Hops added during the boil were assuming a full volume - so it’s a lot more bitter than I like.

My next brew will be a Sauvin hop SMASH. I’ve not decided which malt to use yet, but it’ll probably be something very pale, or perhaps I could just hit it with a full bill of light rye. I need to do some research…

Yorrike @yorrike